Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Exif_JPEG_PICTURENot really “Unique” to Scuba divers, but it’s always a thrill when I find Octopus.



26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

    • yes, the eyes. They are really amazing when they are curious. I’ve had some try to touch me, some exchange “gifts” and then some, when not in the mood bow up very angry. That one which was not a happy camper was actually upset over a previous diver bothering him and his mate. I went around him. they move a bit too fast to have one upset with me. And they are highly intelligent.

      • I’ve seen videos of them taking masks and regulators out of the mouth of a diver. But the fact that they do have a beak/teeth is enough to keep me at bay when one is not happy. The little guys are usually curious, as long as they aren’t out in the open and can hide if they need too. They like shiny objects and I’ve had one give me one of their shells for a quarter. Pretty cool. But, they are wild animals, not pets, and should always be respected as such. I really do try to not harass them or anything else.

  1. Lovely. This brings back happy memories of a dive we did in Cuba. There were lots of octopus, and the way they changed colour was mesmerising. What had my heart beating fast on that dive were the Baracuda which suddenly appeared…now they have fierce teeth 😉

    • Sort of. I watched one eat the occupant out of a shell once. Interesting. And yet another reason to remember that they are wild, and they are animals and to watch but don’t bother 🙂

  2. What a great photo. This might actually light a fire under my but to get some of my underwater images, all on film, scanned. I have a boat load from my honeymoon in Key West and I know there are some that I really liked in there. Now to find those negatives…

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