Spring has arrived

pearThis is my pear tree which I have no idea how old is.  As a kid I always remember it being there, always making pears. It still makes pears.  Lots of them.  Amazing since it’s hollow at the trunk and you can see through it.

pearblossomBlossoms from this same pear tree this week.

More Blossoms

camellia flower


purple weedEven the weeds are in bloom


P3163801another weed bloom

makeawishMake a wish




4 thoughts on “Spring has arrived

    • Thanks! I love that tree. It will always amaze me that it continues to survive through out the years, through out what ever type of weather goes on, from droughts to hurricanes. I don’t know how old it is but being that I’m almost 50 and I remember that tree always being there I would say it’s pretty old for a pear tree. I have used it for a backdrop over the years for photo shoots of my children as well.

  1. Such beautiful photos! I love the pear tree… Its resilience as well as its beauty, and the other flowers are lovely as well. I am not-so-patiently awaiting warmer weather and my own flowers here in New England, where winter does not want to let go yet!

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