Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Ponce de Leon is a town in Holmes CountyFloridaUnited States.  It represents small town america in so many ways.  Of course it has a newer part of town, with a few “larger” stores such as dollar general and some fast food restaurants but for the most part it has retained it’s small town atmosphere.  This particular area I found for a photo op was possibly the “main street” at some time. I’m not sure and a brief research didn’t show anything.  But my imagination  can “see” how these buildings were probably well used at some point in time.  One was possibly a 5 and dime store, the other possibly a hardware store.  The buildings are located on a road, across from the railroad tracks.  Due to being a few other well warn and discarded buildings across the tracks, I can only assume that at one time in the past it was a busy area.  But atlas, changes come to all.














18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

  1. Thanks for liking my Change photo. Yours is haunting and full of nostalgia for better days past. The big box stores have hollowed out small towns all over the country.

  2. There’s a song by Rascal Flatts called Mayberry. Looking at these pictures, it makes me think of it and I can absolutely imagine what this place must have looked like back when it was still alive. I think of how much has changed, even just in the last 25 years; it’s really sad how we’ve come to depreciate a slower pace of life. I’ve never even been in a time like it, but I miss Mayberry too…

    • I actually remember a small town/community near me that as a child we would go to the hardware store and the 5 & 10 store. Looked very similar to this place. It was a time when people still had party line telephones and neighbors would come by to see my grandparents who lived miles away just to sit around and talk and catch up. I remember, like in Andy Griffin, my grandparents didn’t do anything on Sunday’s except church and relax.

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