I celebrated my 400th Scuba Dive last week!

I learned to Scuba dive 5 years ago and since that time I’ve been on some amazing dives.  On every dive I’m able to find something a little different which makes all my dives unique to me.  But nothing compares to scuba diving with sharks.  They are one of the most beautiful, intriguing, and misunderstood animals.  They’ve been around for 400 million years and without them our marine ecosystems would collapse.   I was fortunate to be able to celebrate my 300th dive in their presence and was able to do it again for my 400th dive this year.  400th

“If I have one hope, it is that we will come to appreciate and protect these wonderful animals before we manage, through ignorance, stupidity and greed, to wipe them out altogether.”  

Peter Benchley (author of ‘Jaws’)

Here is a video I put together with my photos and a few short clips from another diver’s underwater video.

Oceanbound’s 400th Scuba dive  Please click on this link to seem my video

Here are a few shots from the rest of the week

Shark Junction

Grand Bahama Scuba


see the crab?

see the crab?



Island Seas

GB sunset


13 thoughts on “I celebrated my 400th Scuba Dive last week!

  1. Wow! That’s amazing and fantastic and a few other great words thrown in there! Congratulations – but weren’t you scared?? I thought that sharks liked to eat people like us 🙂
    Ahh, well, you’re obviously safe, and I’m so happy for you, that you had this great adventure!

    • It’s very exhilarating! And I won’t say I was “scared”, just cautious. And no, they don’t eat people. We (divers) don’t smell or sound anything like what they know is their normal food supply. Normally, they don’t show themselves, though they often know we are around when we don’t know they are. It’s actually an honor to be able to see them while diving. My first two years of diving I rarely ever saw one. Over the past few years I think they have learned, as more and more people spear hunt, that there is a possible easy food supply (speared fish) so they are making more of an appearance. And then there are those places which do the actual “shark feedings”. I don’t believe in this as in any wild animal, it is getting them more and more used to people and seeing them more as a food supply. Currently, scuba divers, in a normal dive, are very rarely ever bit. But like everything else when people begin feeding wile animals, the conditions change. Look at bears. They have begun to see people as a food source (picnics and campers usually mean food) I fear that in the near future we may start hearing that they have begun “taste testing” scuba divers looking for what they have been slowly becoming used to. OK, so sorry, I got on my “soap box”. I love sharks 🙂

      • Hey! Thanks for jumping up on that “soap box” for a little while and giving such a great explanation! 🙂 Fascinating information!
        It’s an interesting world and I’m not familiar with the diving world that’s for sure! I have never been once, let alone 400 times! That’s just amazing!
        I prefer to watch the sharks and the bears from a distance – but I’m really happy for you! I can only imagine how thrilling that must have been.
        Stay safe…and don’t feed the bears, or the sharks! 🙂
        Have a great day!

  2. Like your photos and the video. I enjoyed diving with you during the week. We all saw many interesting things during the week and had a great Pirates Week adventure. I am one that loves to take pictures and leave the nature for others to see and enjoy.

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