Saturday at the farmers market


While reading other blogs I was inspired by someone’s post about farmers markets, which I love going to.  Here in Panama City Beach we are lucky to have two during the weekend.  One is held near Captain Anderson on Saturdays, and the other is on Sunday’s a few blocks away at Pirate’s Cove Marina.  There is also one in Historic St. Andrews in Panama City Florida.  This one is held on Saturday’s near the Shrimp Boat Restaurant.

These are photos are a collection from a few outings at the Farmer’s Market, along with a stroll along Historic St. Andrews.  marketfood

One of my favorite things to purchase is local honey.  I’m not a coffee drinker as I prefer tea in the mornings, and occasionally in the afternoon.   Drinking tea is just not the same with sugar so I often pick up my supply of honey at one of these markets.  foo

After picking up my honey, and visiting the vendors, we took our stroll through historic St. Andrews.

Now, remember, I’m not a coffee drinker by nature but I do love what I call “fu fu” coffee.  You know the kind….chocolate, and all the good stuff in it.  Actually more sugar, cream and chocolate than coffee.  So we stopped at a local coffee shop to enjoy the aroma and the goods.  coffeeshop5 We stopped at Amavida Coffee and Tea & Killer food.  If your in the area I highly recommend you stopping in.





3 thoughts on “Saturday at the farmers market

  1. Love your pictures from the farmer’s market in PC. Being from there, it made me feel a little melancholy, although we do have some really terrific farmer’s markets here in Silicon Valley also that I enjoy going to. Holiday Blessings ~

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