Road trip to dive off Panama City Beach, Florida

At the end of April we decided to head to PCB to dive the Jetties.  Both my dive buddy and myself were really wanting to get in the water so we decided to take a short road trip with the dive gear and head to the water.  Destination:  St. Andrew State Park, Jetties.  website13

I haven’t been diving since last October, which meant, for me was about 7 months out of the water.  Sad, but true.  For someone who logged over 100 dives a year for several years, I’m getting a bit rusty.  I know this to be true because I actually forgot some important pieces of my dive set up.  Luckily, my dive buddy had me covered with spares.  But that’s one of those “don’t do this at home things!”  Be prepared!  Check your gear!  I think I need to get back in the water more!

Anyway, back to our story….. Short road trip of almost 3 hours to the dive site.  When we arrived in PCB it was a Thunder Beach Weekend.  If you are not familiar with this it’s when many members of the motorcycle riders gather at the beach.  A bit like spring break for college students, only louder!  I believe this weekend was the 18th annual Thunder Beach Weekend.

After a slow start, then finding out I forgot some gear, and the traffic, we arrived at the Jetties.  Unfortunately, the viz wasn’t great and I didn’t see many cool critters today.  BUT! I did get wet, got to dive, got to take photos, and ate an awesome meal! (and ice cream for desert)



After the dive we ate at Ketana’s Thai Restaurant and Sushi Bar.  This is my favorite Thai Restaurant and they have the best Sushi anywhere!  I am not someone who is into raw fish but they have this sushi called Sassy Girl Roll that is best Sushi I have ever ate. We normally order it and one of the sampler plates to share between us.  Of course, a nice glass of Kendall Jackson Merlot goes excellent with it!


Such a great meal!

To walk off the meal we headed to Pier Park.   The rest of the story is in pictures….enjoy!


A great end to a beautiful day!


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