Photo Challenge: Local


Over the weekend I went to a local town, Enterprise, Alabama,  looking for some things to “shoot”.  This is what I found.  We walked around the square and by chance came across the Depot Museum.  This is an amazing collection of antiques and history!  My photos are only a very small part of what can be found.  Our guide that day was truly amazing in the history and facts that she knew.  Can you believe it was only $2 to get in?

Enterprise is a unique little town.  The town is devoted to the Boll Weevil.  It’s the only town known to attributes their success to a bug.  Yep.  A BUG!  So of course we had to ask …. WHY? It’s Simple.  Around 1915 this growing town had most of it’s cotton crops (along with the rest of Coffee County, Alabama) wiped out by swarms  of Boll Weevils. (click on the link; nasty looking little guys)   Because their economics had largely depended this crop, the county was facing economic ruins, bankruptcy, loss of jobs, homes, etc.

So you ask, Why put a statue up to the bug that almost destroyed the town?  Because of those bugs, the county had to come up with a new cash crop.  A new way to help their economy.  Now, the county and many surround counties grow Peanuts.

This is a link to better photos of the monument.


It’s right smack in the middle of town, and traffic.

Of course no road trip would not be complete without a stop for food.  We chose a local place called Milky Moo’s.  They had great sandwiches and hot dogs.  Wish they had Cole slaw for the hot dog but the chili dog was great anyway.  I’d go again.  Homemade ice cream made it that much better :))


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