Hello! I’m back!

I’m back!  Wow!  It’s been a year since I posted anything new.  It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything just my priorities had changed.  Now I’m working to find a balance between work, fun, travel, photography and social media.  socialmedia (2)

I’ve been spending more time with family and friends over the past year.  I’ve been noticing that places are becoming more and more populated, lines longer, more people, more tourist (yes I’m one myself) and it’s become a little less “fun” at times.  I like to stay off the “well beaten paths” and avoid a lot of the tourist places if possible.  That’s my goal for this year……..more travel but less populated areas.  One thing about me is that I hate crowds and I tend to be a bit impatient when it comes to waiting to do things.  Foley-AL (42)

So……… last month a friend and I decided we would go on a 2 day road trip with our destination as Foley, Alabama with a stop in Alberta, Alabama to see Dinosaurs!

The reason for this was that we had seen pictures of a curious place called “BamaHenge” .  Why you might ask?  Well…. for one it was fairly close and thus it fit into our time table.   From this simple trip we decided that we will be going back to Foley for an entire weekend in the future as we saw so many interesting things and the people we met there were friendly and knowledgeable about the wonderful area they lived in.

If your not familiar with Foley, Alabama let me tell you a little.  It’s close to beautiful Alabama (and Florida) beaches, shopping, there is a now an amusement part (more of that later), and the area is rich with history.  There is something there or around the area for anyone.  There are, of course, beaches near by, not too far from the famous Flora-Bama bar (Jimmy Buffett and other’s sing about) and there is a beautiful state park nearby if your into kayaking, camping and hiking.  click on the link and you can learn more.

Foley-AL (6)


Anyway, my friend and I had such a good time and discovered the OWA amusement park:  The Park so I returned last weekend with my nephew and sister to visit the amusement park.  Here is our day in pictures


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