Dogwood Photography 52 week challenge- 2016

Last year Dogwood Photographyy began a new challenge that was designed to challenge all photographers, from beginners to advance.  I actually did begin the challenge but due to time (and maybe some laziness on my part) I never did finish it.  I did take many photos last year to go along with the challenge but just never seemed to either get motivated or have the time to do the editing.   So I’m going to try to finish it this year.  Many people who were unable to complete it last year are continuing with it as well. I also hope to start on the 2017 challenge as it is much more challenging.  The entire challenge is geared toward helping one improve their photography skills.  Along with trying to improve my own photography skills I will also be trying to improve my editing skills.  I am currently using PS Elements 13.

If you would like to take part there is a facebook group which is dedicated solely to this 216 challenge.

Week #1: Self Portrait.  This was taken the first week of 2016 so I at least did get one in on time selfie-web

Week #2:  Landscape:  Traditional.  (This one I shot last year for this challenge but did not ever edit or post it)  It was taken off of San Juan.

week2bWeek #3:  This too was taken last year with this challenge in mind.  I did actually post it in another challenge about “local”.  This challenge is “Red”


Week #4:  Portrait:  Head shot  


Week #5:  Landscape:  Black and White   Shot in Alabama at Bull Slough Bridge


Week 6:  Artistic Candy  


Week 7:  Faceless


Week 8:  Landscape: Panorama

Week 9:  Artistic:  Shadows

Week 10:  Portrait: Environmental


Week 11:  Landscape:  Reflection.  Me in front of an abandoned store front. A train station is behind me


Week 12:  Artistic:  Transportation



Week 13:  Portrait:  high Key

Week 14:  Landscape:  Zoomed in

Week 15:  Artistic Metal


Week 16:  Portrait:  Movement

Week 17:  Landscape:  Urbanscape

Week 18:  Artistic:  Texture

Week 19″  Portrait:  Messy

Week 20:  Landscape:  Night Owl

Week 21:  Artistic:  Fantasy

Week 22:  Portrait:  Hands

Week 23:  Portrait:  Hands

Week 23:  Landscape:  Weather

Week 24:  Artistic Sparkle



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