grow old with me the best is yet to come


sailing away…..someday


a different type of love bird?

P1283423 dinneras fwb10cr FWBs2

sunset in PCB

IMG_1994 Exif_JPEG_PICTURE condos


4 thoughts on “Landscapes

  1. I too love the sea and never really thought much about the photos I take which I why I never shared them with anyone till the last year 🙂 We all see things differently and have different cameras enjoyed coming to your spot as I have taken so many photos in this life of mine but never use them I am always searching for something crisp and sharp focused so like I want to be 😉 time for me to try some new things 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Beautiful landscapes and seascapes, I was reading your previous reply about things changing everytime you go to the beach, I find the same when I visit my local forests, different seasons, lighting, weather conditions, It is amazing how different two days can be. I will check back from time to time. Ian.

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